We connect entrepreneurs and investors to create value for both.

We are focused on seed and emerging stage startups in Silicon Valley and Scandinavia, which have technology and knowledge benefiting eachother's development interests.

We assist these companies looking to expand into European markets and need guidance to overcome the challenge of spanning the "last mile" into Europe, and vise versa those seeking to expand into the American market. By leveraging off of our network, we can provide influence and post-investment advice to help such companies extend their market reach into Scandinavia and the U.S. Through directed efforts towards industry and R&D institutions, we will leverage off of both network of startups, technology providers, incubators and other professional service providers to the mutual benefit of all involved parties.

Rather than maximizing short-term financial returns, we focus on making permanent improvements to operations, competitiveness and on the strategic positions of portfolio companies. In close co-operation with the management teams, help companies realize their full earnings and growth potential. Through co-ownership with management, our interests are aligned to maximize value creation.

Founded in 1986 we assist emerging and established hi-tech companies that are seeking their first angel, or perhaps a subsequent, round of corporate finance and venture capital. We represent private firms identify technology for partnerships, venture capital financing, and M&A for global growth. Our focus is on availing our extensive networks in Silicon Valley and Scandinavia/Europe to bridge knowledge transfers and effective introductions between the two regions.

Angels and institutional sources of venture capital strongly prefer to be introduced to venture investment opportunities by people with whom they are familiar. We look for exceptional management teams deploying cutting edge products or services with ROI levels that are acceptable to the primary venture markets.

For Entrepreneurs
If you are a company with a great idea, we want to hear from you. Read about our investment criteria, funding process, and then learn how to submit your business plan.
For Angel Investors
Membership in Prudent Management is by invitation only, and is extended to individuals who share our vision and will actively contribute to our process.